My name is Rieneke Stekelenburg, I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on September 16th 1982. I come from a family of artists and i have engaged numerous forms of creative expression in writing, poetry, drawing, painting and digital art. I suppose you could call me a creative soul ever searching for an outlet. I am a perfectionist, enjoy a good challenge and I have the annoying quality to never give up until I get something to work or look the way i want it to. My main focus now is on webdesign and development which iíve been active in just over a year.
I have attended two HBO studies over a span of several years, 'Teachers-education Arts' in Rotterdam and 'Media, Design and Technology' in Enschede. Although having completed neither, they have taught me a great deal on the subjects of art, design and creative thinking. Other then that I am selfschooled, I have picked up knowledge and skill over a vast array of subjects over the years. I am multilingual, Dutch being my native language and English my second.

Please take a look at my work, browse the site, have a cookie and thank you for visiting.